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In addition to translation, we also provide Korean certification services. When you order a certified translation it will be stamped or sealed by a Certified Korean Translator (a Certified Member in good standing with a provincial translation association). Certification improves the credibility of translations, showing the actual credentials of the translator. For some documents, like supporting documents for immigration or permanent residency applications, it’s mandatory.

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Certified translation services for immigration, USCIS, court, medical hospitals, foreign embassy, etc. Certification, notary public, and apostille services also available.

Professional Document Language Translation Service and Interpretation is your global voice. With a dedicated team of highly professional translators, TransWa Translator and Interpretation can translate your document into over 200 languages, including Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese translation services, and more!



Sworn Translation

Translate your documents in over 200 languages. We provide professional translators who possess extensive knowledge of translation services to meet your translation expectation.


Proofreading / Editing Document

We provide services to edit translation based on grammatical rules.


Direct verbal interpretation for seminar, workshop, conference, meeting, etc.

Audio & Video Transcription

We can translate and convert all dialogue from source audio or video files (anything from a telephone call, legal proceedings, corporate videos, media footage, etc.) into clear and accurate written text.


We provide subtitle services for the purpose of video or commercial entertainment films and documentation.

Voice Over

To match an original audio as closely as possible, our voice over talent records the translated script with perfect timing and rhythm in order the tracks can be dubbed to fit the original one.


Notary, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Visa Arrangement

Visa arrangement to overseas or visit visa to Indonesia Sponsorship, Temporary Stay Permit, Permanent Stay Permit.